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Would you like to know how to win more coins in Squad Battles? Would you like to earn coins in less time? Stay with us and we will reveal the secrets to achieve it!

Factors That Will Help Us Win Points in FIFA 18 Squad Battles 

In the previous article we gave you an idea of how to win many coins in FIFA 18 Squad Battles, however, we believe it is necessary to know the factors that can help them achieve success in this game mode.

First of all, you must know the bonuses or points that are going to give you the degrees of difficulty in FIFA 18 and then we show them.

Ultimate 2.6
Legendary 2.1
World Class 1.6
Professional 1.0
Semi-Pro 0.7
Amateur 0.6
Beginner 0.5

Match Bonus
The score is determined by the quality of the team you are playing against and the chemistry level of the team.

Bonus by result
You get 50 points for losing the game and 200 points for winning. The ties do not exist given that they would go to extra time and then to penalties if necessary.

Tips to achieve success in Legendary difficulty in Squad Battles
At this level of difficulty the CPU will always look for victory, and will do so more and more as the minutes go by. The trick to winning matches in Legendary in FIFA 18 Squad Battles is to wait and keep the machine until the second half. From there you will see that every time they will leave more holes in the back area, and it will be your chance to go for them and score them a goal.

From there it will be much easier to make successive goals, get more points and FUT 18 Coins. What you have to avoid is that they end up putting themselves in front of you, so you try not to get too much into the area in the first part.

What do you think? Do you feel ready to take these factors into account in your next foray into the FIFA 18 Squads? We believe you are!

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Are You Playing NBA 2K18 Mobile?

NBA 2K18, the mobile game, is a premium app for Android and iOS that allows players to enjoy modes like MyCareer and Association.

NBA 2K18, the most realistic basketball simulator, has a mobile counterpart. The mobile game has the same name as the PC and console game. It should be noted that this is not the companion app. That one is called MyNBA2K18 and it's a whole different thing. The companion app is a tool designed to work with the main game while the mobile game is a stand-alone app. There is another difference between the two which makes them unmistakable. The companion app is free while the mobile game is not. NBA 2K18 mobile costs around $9. Players can get it for Android and for iOS.

Just like a main NBA 2K game is released each year, a new mobile game app is developed as well. This too is a stand-alone product that doesn't replace the previous version. NBA 2K17 mobile is still available but, as one can image, most players have already migrated to the new app. The mobile game is built based on the main game. It borrows features and adapts the gameplay for mobile devices. The 2017 implementation features realistic systems just like the game for PC and consoles. Those who are familiar with last year's app will notice that basketball player's game on the court has improved. Controls like rebound and sprint have been revised. The mobile game also a MyCareer mode that was previously featured in older versions of the app. The 2017 version, is nothing like players have seen before. They will be amazed by the unique experience delivered on their mobile devices. MyPlayer has now more ways to interact with others and the gameplay is more complex. Another mode that is a players' favorite is The Association. This mode puts players in control of a franchise. The development team is doing its best to make the mobile game as realistic as possible just like the original game. Players will also be delighted with the selection of 2K Beats tunes. Popular songs from Shakira, Kendrick Lamar, and many others will make the game an unforgettable experience. NBA 2K18 mobile also offers an extra way to get NBA 2K18 MT coins.

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